Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu  This art emphasizes ground fighting techniques and submission holds involving joint-locks and chokeholds also found in numerous other arts with or without ground fighting emphasis. The premise of BJJ is that most of the advantage of a larger, stronger opponent comes from superior reach and more powerful strikes, both of which are somewhat negated when grappling on the ground.

The Fundamentals Program (For Beginners) Learn the “Florian Way” of finding the simplest and most efficient way to execute techniques. Classes will help you build a solid foundation, and give you the ability to execute basic techniques. Additionally, this program teaches self defense moves that will give you the confidence and skills needed to defend yourself.

This program will increase your flexibility, enhance core strength and improve overall fitness.  Proper eating habits are also taught.

Junior Samurai Program (Developing Healthy Bodies and Minds for Boys and Girls Ages 6-15)
Our Junior Samurai Program teaches children to use leverage and technique to control a situation, without using punching and kicking. Even if they are put in a situation where an opponent is bigger and stronger, Junior Samurais learn how to keep themselves safe. more info

Black Belt Club  The Black Belt Club takes you beyond the the basics, bringing together the mind, body and spirit of a true martial artist with the ultimate goal being the achievement of a black belt.  You will continue to learn the traditional aspects of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or move into No-Gi submission wrestling and MMA.  In the Black Belt Club you will learn first hand from Keith and Kenny Florian advanced techniques that will improve your confidence and ability to escape, submit and control position. 

Strength & Conditioning  This class uses circuit training programs that Kenny Florian designed with his strength and conditioning coach.  A combination of aerobic, resistance bands and hand weights will make this a fun and challenging way to increase your strength and cardio.  There is no better way to loose weight, get in shape and improve your overall health in just 35 minutes!

Striking  The Florian Martial Arts striking class is a combination of Muay Thai, Kickboxing and Western Boxing.  Our program is an enjoyable way to get in shape and increase your cardio.  Florian's striking emphasis begins with proper foot work for mobility and balance. It will teach you proper fighting distance and dominant angles of attack.  Our Striking class will show you how to put basic strikes into effective combinations. It's done in a fun and safe environment under the supervision of expert instruction.

Wrestling:  Wrestling has a wide range of styles and tradition.  The history of wrestling can be traced back to ancient Greece all the way up to modern collegic competition.  In Florian's wrestling class we will teach you grappling holds and take downs that will allow you to gain and maintain superior position while increasing your balance and stamina. It's a high energy workout. 



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