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About Our Martial Arts Center With World-Class Coaches

Florian Martial Arts Center in Brookline, MA, is the go-to place for martial arts. We offer a warm and friendly environment where students learn and grow in martial arts. We offer structured martial arts instruction for beginner to professional fighters. Men, women, and children of all ages are welcome to join our martial arts classes. We have programs for students to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Striking. For students new to martial arts, the Fundamentals Program is for you. Our world-class coaches and staff can help you find the right program. We’re committed to helping martial arts students grow mentally and physically as they master skills. Ask us about our programs today!

Meet Our Team

Keith Florian

Head Instructor and Owner

Kenny Florian


Jake Parla


Miguel Claravall
Charles More


Lavell Wesley

Striking Coach

Jesse Thompson
Charles Santiago

About Kenny Florian

Kenny Florian is a former world lightweight and featherweight title challenger. As a retired mixed martial artist and current sports commentator, Kenny helps mold the minds and bodies of our martial arts students. He competed in the UFC Championship with his cerebral approach to martial arts. Kenny is most known for finishing his opponents. He’s one of the only fighters in history to compete as a Middleweight, Welterweight, Lightweight, and Featherweight in the UFC. We welcome students to learn the Florian Way.

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Join Our Martial Arts Family

At Florian Martial Arts Center, all egos are left at the door as we enjoy ourselves and train. We love sharing our passion for martial arts with students and watching as they gain a sense of accomplishment in a wide range of life-enhancing ways. Martial arts teaches students physical aspects with discipline, attitude, and respect. Whether you want a classroom atmosphere or prefer private lessons, we have a martial arts program for you. We offer a one-week trial for you to stop by to try out one of our classes. We provide a clean, hygienic gym for training and use high-quality, two-inch thick mats for safety. Contact us to learn more about our martial arts programs today.

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