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Expert Striking

Florian Martial Arts Center offers one of Brookline, MA’s most comprehensive striking programs. Our students practice Muay Thai, conventional boxing and kickboxing. Striking in martial arts typically refers to stand-up fighting, including punches and kicks. Ask us about our striking martial arts program today.

coach teaching athletes

Effective Striking for Muay Thai and Self Defense

Our instructors teach students the art of delivering a powerful and effective strike. Some of the most important factors of striking include the following:

  • Support – It’s essential to have proper support with feet planted an adequate distance apart on the ground and the proper body position.
  • Distance – We teach the proper distance that your strike should travel for effectiveness.
  • Speed – The speed of striking affects the power of the attack.
  • Rotation – Rotating the body correctly creates a powerful technique for striking.
  • Angle – Our instructors teach students how to create the perfect body angle to deliver an effective strike.

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