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Practicing BJJ at FloMAC is always a great time, and so much more fun than lifting weights. My training partners keep me coming back for more week after week. Professor Florian is a fantastic instructor and is immensely knowledgeable in the art of BJJ.

Anthony Accorsi

My 2 daughters have trained at Florian Martial Arts for the past 7 years and it has been incredible to watch them grow as athletes and martial artists. I have observed how training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Flomac has boosted both their confidence and intelligence. BJJ is the one sport they have never quit! All the other activities have come and gone, BJJ has stuck for their whole lives.

Nick Rothstein

I like the community, members are willing to help each other out and it is a tight knit team. Coming here is like my morning coffee, I need to come here every day.

John Tonderys

This gym is AMAZING!!!! My BJJ game has already gotten better with each class I take here. I came from another gym, but with my old professor retiring and my schedule changing (kid’s wrestling), I needed to find a gym closer. The most impressive part is Keith teaches a system of techniques that chains together. This really helps me remember the techniques and be more adaptive to utilizing it.
The membership price is a bit higher than my last gym but I getting more than I pay for.
Morning, noon, & night classes!! Finding time to train never been easy.
In the past, I been to other gym who only focus on training young athletes. At Florian, they want to train everyone (including me a 51 yo blue). Keith teaches you to play to your strengths. Trust me when I say, you want Keith coaching you when you complete.
There is so many brown and black belts. I want to say special thanks to Max who’s make learning bjj fun!!

Tai Chan

My 10 year old daughter loves coming to her bi-weekly classes. Her instructor, Jake, is caring, attentive, and knowledgeable. He makes each class fun and I can see my daughter gaining in confidence and ability. It's a very welcoming facility and something I wish we had tried sooner.

William Vincent

I got my start and practiced BJJ here for about 6-7 months before moving out of town. I didn't have any background before them, and even though I found a great place to practice in my new area, I wish I'd had more time to study at Florian. They really drilled the fundamentals and gave me a solid exposure to the basics. Adam and Jake were especially great to work with. Wishing everyone the best from NY!

Alexander Anderson

Professor Florian and the school exemplify true martial arts. The environment is friendly, encouraging and welcoming to anyone willing to learn this gentle art. Since I have been there, there has been nothing short of an amazing experience. The camaraderie, the level of wisdom, knowledge and openness to share is bar none. I highly recommend this school. I travel out of my way to go here where I have schools that are closer to me. I choose to come here instead.

Charles Santiago

My 7 yo son loves to go to his Brazilian Jiu-JItsu class at Florian Martial Art center. The teachers are amazing and know the kids well. I really recommend :)

Marie-Flore Hennino

If you are seeking real martial art knowledge, what better place than Florian Martial Arts Centre? To be fair it is not just that I call this place home but many legends including Kenny and Keith Florian train there. So trust me, they know what they are doing.

Ali Al Qassab

Great instruction, clean facilities and a friendly community. If you’re looking to learn BJJ or Muay Thai, come to Florian Martial Arts Center.

L Jelloe

An excellent place to train, skilled instructors and a really nice community of fellow students.

Mark Klein

Amazing instruction and environment. Top notch facility. Professor Keith and all the coaches at Florian ensure the students are set up for success no matter what path they take with their martial arts training. Family like environment makes all feel welcome. Expect to train and work hard while having a great time.

Hieu Nguyen

Been a long time student here. Great atmosphere, clean gym, top notch teaching. Keith is a great professor, able to explain and execute technique that works. The best thing about the gym is that he is here EVERY DAY teaching, so you are always getting the best instruction possible. He is extremely friendly and relatable, and has adult classes at night and kids classes during the day.

James Chin

I have been training BJJ for many years (and attended several academies) and can say Florian Martial Arts Center is truly one of the best! Great instruction and community! Though I no longer live nearby I try to train here whenever I am in town.

Matthew L.

I'm an experienced wrestler and a few years into no-gi bjj. Florian Martial Arts Center was extremely welcoming and professional. My first class I went for a Saturday early afternoon bjj class. This Saturday class size was 3 students to the instructor. Most likely due to covid19 concerns/restrictions, otherwise I would expect a larger turnout even on Saturday. This actually resulted in amazing personal attention essentially like a private lesson. Looking forward to trying more classes during the week.

Ben Palandrano

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