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Florian Martial Arts Center‘s Student Creed

Florian Martial Arts Center follows a Student Creed dedicated to self-improvement: “Every day I will show Gratitude, Humility, Perseverance, Courage and Self-Control.” The Student Creed goes hand in hand with studying martial arts and creates strength within ourselves and our community. We’re committed to developing character through training and building relationships. Students and teachers recite the Student Creed at the end of every class. Etiquette in martial arts is an essential component of our lifestyle and teachings. When you join us, we will help you understand and follow the Student Creed.

kids bowing in martial arts class

Practicing the Student Creed

At Florian Martial Arts Center , our training is guided by the principles of our Student Creed. When integrated with the physical aspects of martial arts training, our creed becomes the cornerstone of our martial arts philosophy. We adhere to the following principles that shape our Student Creed:

  • Gratitude – Recognize and acknowledge the positive aspects of life and the contributions of others, which then leads to a sense of contentment and well-being.
  • Humility – Be modest and accept feedback graciously.
  • Perseverance – Set clear goals and create a plan to achieve them, even when faced with challenges.
  • Courage – Take calculated risks to step out of your comfort zone.
  • Self-Control – Practice mindfulness to become aware of your impulses and reactions.
martial arts class

Practicing Martial Arts Etiquette

Martial arts promotes respect and dignity. When you walk into our programs, we expect all students to portray positive etiquette. When you leave class, it’s important to honor martial arts. Some of the ways we portray positive etiquette include the following:

  • Remove your shoes after you enter the dojo.
  • Bare feet on the mats only. Please bring a pair of sandals as we do not walk barefoot outside of the mats.
  • Keep yourself, your uniforms, and your fingernails clean.
  • It’s essential to safely train to help prevent injury.
  • Be respectful and a good training partner.
  • Remember to bow before you step on or off the mat out of respect.
  • Always request permission to leave the mat during class.

Feel Honored and Confident Following the Student Creed

Florian Martial Arts Center provides a safe and exciting environment where students learn martial arts. We go beyond teaching the physical aspects of martial arts. We want our students to feel more confident, respected, trusted, and honored. We teach the Student Creed and help our students follow it. We offer a one-week trial of free classes, so we would love to see you learn about our Student Creed today.

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