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Master Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Kids’ Martial Arts Classes

Florian Martial Arts Center welcomes kids to join our martial arts classes in Brookline, MA. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is a popular sport for children because it helps them learn safe and fun body movements. Our young students love to learn about holds, positions, and grips using leverage instead of kicks, punches, and throws. Keith and Kenny Florian developed our unique Juniors BJJ program for students that want to master defensive strategies. Young students learn how to redirect force if someone tries to push them down, break free if someone grabs them, and stay safe in a threatening situation. Many of our BJJ students compete in tournaments to continue their growth in the sport. We welcome you to try out our one-week free trial.

martial arts class

Benefits of Our Kids Martial Arts Classes

Martial arts is one of the best ways for young students to learn respect, self-discipline, and focus in one place. They learn to combine physical and mental aspects to perform effectively in martial arts. Some of the many benefits of our kids’ martial arts classes include the following:

  • Martial arts teaches effective self-defense techniques, so students feel safe and can handle threatening situations.
  • Students learn to overcome obstacles and challenges they face in school, life, and social situations.
  • Martial arts is an excellent way to increase concentration and focus at school.
  • Students enjoy improved character, self-esteem, and confidence.

Helping Kids Have Fun & Learn Martial Arts

We are committed to helping young students have fun and learn martial arts in a safe environment. Our students train on a thick Fuji mats and learn safe training techniques. We teach them to defend themselves while learning respect and enjoying their time on our mat. All students follow a Student Creed while mastering martial arts. Our highly experienced teachers help students fall in love with BJJ and learn to defend themselves. We are here to answer your questions about our kids’ martial arts program. Check us out today!

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